How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle?

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The recharging time of an electric vehicle depends on several factors, but the most important are: the output power of the charger, the charging power allowed by the vehicle and the capacity of the vehicle’s battery.

In general, the higher the output power of the charger, the shorter the time required for recharging. In this respect, direct current chargers offer shorter recharging times than alternating current chargers, since they offer much higher charging powers.

An important parameter widely used nowadays is the range that a charger or charging station can offer us for each hour that an electric vehicle is connected, measured in km/h.

Taking into account that the average consumption of an electric vehicle is 15 kWh/100 km, according to the data provided by the manufacturers and under the WLTP standard (World Harmonized Light-duty Vehicle Test Procedure), we can see below the range offered by connection time according to the output power of the chargers:

Recharging power Autonomy by connection time
3.7kW 25km per hour
7.4kW 49km per hour
11kW 73km per hour
22kW 147km per hour
30kW 200km per hour
50kW 333km per hour
100kW 167km for 15 minutes
150kW 250km for 15 minutes