Which requirements are neded in each of the charging locations?

Before you perform an installation for the charging of electric vehicles, there are various aspects to take into account both technical and administrative, below, are listed some of them:

1- General
Determine the scope of application, be it in shopping malls, hotels, car parks in places of work, etc.

Analyze the required demand, specifically how many charging stations are seeking to establish. This requirement may be established by the project definition or required by policy-prescriptive.

Technical requirements
Check power available at the installation to be able to supply all of the charging stations are defined. In the case that it has not enough power availability in the installation must be to study the possibility of installing a smart device to manage the demand or, in the last instance, to apply for extension of power of the electrical company.

Select the type of charging stations needed. May vary according to the connector to use, the type of electrical supply, if they are indoor or outdoor, etc

Perform the installation at all times under the applicable regulations, as well as for the materials used as well as for the documentation required, whether this memory technique or design project.

Administrative requirements  
Consult your electric company and/or to qualified companies in the field of infrastructure for charging electric vehicle (IRVE) on all of the aspects to be taken into account for the installation of charging stations, as well as for the implementation and processing of the existing aid.