Vega Chargers

Experience and knowledge

Extensive experience and knowledge in the entire ecosystem of the electric vehicle recharging

Commercial network

A sales network, experienced, able to find solutions in the various sales channels that the sector offers.

Marketing team

A marketing team capable of collecting the opinions of the users and transform them into the seed of an effective continuous improvement.

Technical service

A service technician agile and customer-oriented which provides an added value to the product.

Development team

A development team experienced and highly qualified, oriented to the highest quality of product.

Sustainability for the present and the future of e-mobility

At VEGA Chargers we understand that customer satisfaction is the most important, for this reason, we have customized our services to maximize the availability of your DC chargers during their entire life. In this way, we can ensure the success of our installation, from the initial planning stage to the commissioning of it.

Technical training
Consultancy services for the e-mobility
Technical support

ALOHA Gravity DC 30 kW

Ideal for installations where users remain between 30 minutes and 3 hours, such as shopping centers, events, cinemas, theaters, parking, restaurants, carsharing, business parking, etc

  • 100km of range for every half-hour of charging.
  • Ideal for charges between 30 min and 3 hours

ALOHA Lander DC 60 kW

Our fast charging station ALOHA Lander has been designed for users who need to charge the vehicle in a short period of time, between 15 and 120 minutes.

  • 100 km of autonomy by a 15 minute charge
  • Ideal for charges between 15 min and 2 h

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