Vega Chargers


Our services

At Vega Chargers we understand that customer satisfaction is the most important thing, which is why we have customized our service offering to maximize the availability of your chargers throughout their useful life. In this way, we can ensure the success of your installation from initial planning to commissioning.


Technical training

We offer technical training, both theoretical and practical, online or face-to-face, on our chargers and electric vehicles charging infrastructure. The training of our collaborators is a key factor for the success of the installation and the satisfaction of the end customer.

Electromobility consulting

We study the needs of our customers and advise them on the design and sizing of the charging infrastructure, in addition, we make the corresponding technical and economic proposal for the chargers.

Technical support

Technical support is a priority for us and is the way to ensure the continuous operation of our chargers. It can be done directly by us or by our certified partners located near the installation site. In addition, as part of the technical support, we offer remote monitoring of charges and software updates, as well as the supply of spare parts.

Start up

The commissioning service of the chargers can be carried out by us or by technicians certified by ourselves who, after the technical training received, are fully certified and qualified to carry out this operation. It is a meticulous process in which a start-up guideline is followed to ensure the optimal and safe operation of the charger and after which the guarantee will be fully activated.