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and supermarkets

Shopping centers and supermarkets that have their own parking are ideal places for charging electric vehicles, since they offer drivers the possibility of charging in a safe and controlled environment as well as the continuity of the charging service. Likewise, considering that electric vehicle drivers want to use the charging time productively, what better option than to spend it making daily purchases, thus becoming premium customers for the mall.
Having an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in your shopping center will allow you to:


Hotels are establishments always ready to offer their clients the maximum comforts and their best services, such as exclusive restaurants, pleasant spas, etc., and why not? Now charging stations for electric vehicles.


For hotel groups, large and small, the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles will have a positive impact on the brand image.


Having an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in your hotel will allow you to:

Car dealers

Electric vehicles have become a real alternative thanks to improved performance and increased range. Day by day, it can be seen that the supply of electrified models by vehicle manufacturers is greater and, therefore, dealers must be prepared for a fully electric future.


In view of the above, the installation of charging stations in dealerships is the ideal solution both for the workshop, for the exhibition area and for the outdoor parking.


Having an electric vehicle charging infrastructure at your vehicle dealership will allow you to:

Work places

When electric vehicle drivers do not have access to charging at home, either due to lack of space or lack of electrical power, charging at the workplace is one of the best solutions.

Not only can employees benefit from having charging stations within easy reach, but they will also be very useful in the parking spaces reserved for visitors.


Having an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in your workplace will allow you to:

Car park for public or private use

Electric vehicle users, especially if they do not have the possibility of charging at home, are always looking for the opportunity to charge the vehicle wherever possible. For them, one of the best places are the parking lots for public use, either public or private owned.

This type of service is increasingly needed and becomes a great opportunity for parking operating companies.

Having an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in your parking lot will allow you to:

Corporate fleets and carsharing

Corporate fleets are a very important resource within companies. For example, with increasingly restricted access for polluting vehicles to urban centers, Last Mile distribution vehicles are being replaced by electric vehicles.

Regarding private mobility and also due to the current restrictions in cities, Carsharing companies are taking great relevance in the sector and changing the paradigm of personal mobility.

Having an electric vehicle charging infrastructure for corporate fleets or Carsharing will allow you to:

Service vehicles and public transport

Most of the world's big cities already have ambitious plans to stop using vehicles that use fossil fuels and thus improve air quality and, therefore, also reduce noise pollution.

To meet these plans, the use of electric urban transport and service vehicles is the best solution. One of the best charging options for this type of vehicle will be carried out in garages at night, since the charges made on the route are partial that do not balance the cells.

Having a charging infrastructure for service vehicles and public transport in the garages will allow you to charge up to 100% of the battery capacity and have these vehicles ready for use at the beginning of the day.